FC Schalke 04 Qualitative Analysis

1. Bundesliga · Fri, 25.01.2019

union2 – 2 bochum
Hertha Berlin                   FC Schalke 04
Some game description. Introduction.
Figure 1. Schalke 4-2-3-1 Formation

General Notes

  • Team is extremely good in controlling the ball when being in possession

  • Players are very confident on the ball but avoid any risk actions. They lack creativity

  • Technically very skilled players

  • Team doesn’t use the offside trap. Poor cooperation between center backs

  • Intense midfield pressing after losing possession

Players are very agile and do not give a lot of time for an action to their opponent

Offensive Play

Transition to Offense

  • Not a counter-minded team if winning the ball in the defensive third. Center backs usually play simply long in such case

  • Attacking players usually try to carry out a counterattack after winning the ball in the middle third. They rarely set themselves at 1v1 situation relying more on the support of their teammates

  • Attacking players counterattack only if the ball was won in the midfield area and the opponent didn’t manage to reorganize himself defensively. Defensive players do not support them

Offensive Organisation

  • Team is really good in controlling the ball on the own half under a medium opponent pressure

  • Players often switch play from the left to the right side by a long pass with no further progression afterwards

  • Nastasic stays very deep when the team is in possession in the opposite half (figure 2)

  • Defenders and midfielders do not hurry to advance and remain pretty static when defenders play long

  • Left wing players (Oczipka, Konoplianka) are extremely good in controlling the ball on the left side

  • There is a lot of misunderstanding between attacking players. In a second half they became very hectic and played a lot in a rush

Figure 2. Nastasic stays very deep and staggered with Sané when the team is in possession in the opponent’s half
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